Mark is well known for his portrait photography. He works closely with companies on corporate headshots as well as headshots for models and media personalities. Bespoke headshots are vital in the world of digital media. Whether attached to an article written about engineering or a Z-card cover for a model, a headshot is often the first communication with your audience. Working closely with clients to create a relaxed environment where their unique personalities can shine through is important to create and capture that unique expression which resonates with their message and identity.

Headshots are usually photographed in a studio. This allows for greater control over lighting, and the natural elements. Natural makeup and neutral colors are usually a good starting point, with the focus being on the subject. Excessive color can distract from the subject, but if the personality allows for more creative interpretation there is room to add layers which compliment the subject.

Models, actors and media personalities such as radio DJ’s and presenters are usually experienced and relaxed in front of an audience. This is a great help when creating their headshots. As a photographer I enjoy working with artistes as they will add their interpretation and I can compliment this through my knowledge of light and technical ability with the camera. It also great to know that they will put their headshots to good use for their digital and printed media. It’s a great reward when I see my headshot photography in theatre programs, magazine articles, Z-cards etc.

Corporate headshots are slightly more challenging. But its a great opportunity to build a positive experience. Most people looking for a corporate headshot have not had the experience of being in front of studio lights, let alone have a professional camera pointed directly towards them. It’s important to have a clear reason and concept of the finished product when working with corporate clients. These headshots are typically used for magazine articles, corporate correspondence, blogs, social media, websites, etc.

I look forward to working with you to create your perfect headshot.