Model portfolio & social media content

Believe in dreams, but know that good things take time. Investing in a model portfolio is a choice to invest in yourself and your dreams. It gives your dreams focus toward the future. Constant commitment to developing and evolving in an ever changing world prepares for opportunities in the present and future.

‘Believe, Create, Inspire”



Mark works with local and international models. A current model portfolio is vital for industry models who need to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Model’s are ever-evolving to expand their horizons in the fashion and commercial industries. MLG Studio works with models from new to experienced. Each shoot is different. And the latest digital software is used to deliver the finished product.

A model portfolio is a a great way for models to control who they are and who they want to become. A clear vision of the future is the foundation of a great career, and a strong portfolio gives people the opportunity to share in that unique vision. Music, art, culture and the many other elements of life create a unique blueprint for each person. Today more than ever people have the opportunity to create and re-create themselves in a fast paced connected world. Photography is the best way to create this vision and where the world can share in a unique vision and personality.

Social media is a great way for models to market themselves. Influencers and models can create unique media which connects them to a local and international audience. It is a new and evolving world in photography which has created diversified opportunities for photographers and models. These personalized shoots allow photographers and individuals the opportunity to create fresh content beyond the expectations or perceptions on mainstream media. The sky is the limit.