Commercial and Lifestyle photographer

Mark is a Cape Town photographer. He has 10 years experience photographing models, actors and media personalities. His love for photography and appreciation for natural beauty permeates his work and defines him as one of Cape Towns sought after portrait photographers. His expertise with camera’s and lighting give life to the expression, “In the right light at the right time everything is extraordinary”. MLG Studio captivates audiences with advertising and portrait photography. We work closely with models, actors, magazines and corporate clients to deliver portfolio’s, head shots and social media content. World class bespoke images are created and expertly processed for final delivery to clients.

Mark is best known for his commercial and lifestyle photography. Expertise in how light interacts with models to create depth, contrast and sharpness defines his imagery.  A marketing graduate, Mark understands how businesses approach their media message. Time, cost, quality and creative integrity are respected and understood to get the job done.

“Believe, Create, Inspire”


Model portfolio & social media content

Believe in dreams, but know that good things take time. Investing in a model portfolio is a choice to invest in yourself and your dreams. It gives your dreams focus toward the future. Constant commitment to developing and evolving in an ever changing world prepares for opportunities in the present and future.

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Portrait photography

Portrait photography is a wonderful way to preserve a moment. We only live a moment once and when a beautiful portrait is created through photography it can be cherished for a lifetime. That moment when a childs joy or an adults accomplishments resonate in single moment.
The subject of the picture is more important than the picture itself, and a great portrait photographer uses personal life experiences and technical skill to create a portrait.
Photography is a universal language where all people can share in a moment where expressions like laughter and love are effortlessly understood
Through my portraits I aim to create images which are celebrated for a lifetime.
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    Ice Teens: September
  • Model portfolio update: Pasha Dossantos - Ice Genetics.
Mark works with local and international models. A current model portfolio is vital for industry models who need to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Model’s are ever-evolving to expand their horizons in the fashion and commercial industries. MLG Studio works with models from new to experienced. Each shoot is different. And the latest digital software is used to deliver the finished product. As a model portfolio photographer with 10 years experience, Mark gives direction to aspiring models and works with his team to create the necessary images for their careers in the industry.